Body temperature cameras

The cameras detect the maximum temperature and send a notification to a manager in case of detection

They transform the thermal radiation transmitted by people and objects into a clear image to be analysed

Thermal imaging cameras have become one of the most powerful and valuable diagnostic tools for preventive maintenance in any facility and economic sector, detecting anomalies that are often invisible to the naked eye, allowing timely corrective measures to be taken.

Business Intelligence

Analyse powerful business indicators, obtained with security cameras

Measuring temperature

Solutions to automatically monitor body temperature at business entrances.

Video surveillance

Security and video surveillance system connected to the Alarm Receiving Center.

Access to your cameras* by mobile 24 hours a day

Manage security remotely, arm and disarm the system comfortably from anywhere inside or outside the property, from a mobile phone with an internet connection. You can download our application from the AppStore and Playstore.

*For users with video surveillance system.

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