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Engineer Expo and Subcon video analysis and surveillance solutions

Engineer Expo and Subcon video analysis and surveillance solutions for the UK’s engineering and manufacturing industry.

Wondering what video analysis can do for your business?

Come and visit us at The Engineer Expo and Subcon Show , which takes place 5-7 June in Birmingham (NEC) 

  1. Video analysis and intelligent CCTV cameras

The security advancements achieved through the last 5 years within the security and video analysis sector are major steps towards building the actual smart cities and industries ecosystems. Find how the latest video images processing technologies can be applied to your business via video analysis algorithms.

  1. BI – Business Intelligence for industrial sites? 

How to control your premises daily operation? – but for just one example – think of the costs involved in managing access control doors and ensuring all vehicles are registered and counted – Video analysis can automate these processes, reducing the annual security cost up to 40% in all levels of security. Manage and track the activity of employees, temporary visitors and monitor access and operations 24H a day.

  1. What are the benefits of using Video Analysis? 

Our R & D efforts are summarised ultimately to deliver top end solutions using innovative video analysis  algorithms, empowering actual industry requirements from fire protection compliance to CCTV intruder alarms, the objective is to optimize cost and increase the security of all types of industrial premises.

Combining different analytics indicators with the right Video Management Software (VMS) video analysis can be used to manage multiple industrial processes within the same platform and one report, improving the quality of manufactured products or for example or to ensuring the access to authorized members to a processing plant having all data live, and ready to analyze.


  1. What are the risks of not using video analysis security solutions or ignore it?

Being innovative around latest security technologies  –  means having full traceability and provenance of all your internal and external premises –   Not having a video analysis system integrated within your CCTV network means higher risks and costs. Our maintenance service ensure that all equipments work all the time, protecting your facilities and employees, empowering health and safety policies.


  1. How important is it for engineering/manufacturing markets to have a security system that minimize risks and potential security hazards? 

The key factor is to determine what type of system has to be installed to protect your company or business, perhaps one of the biggest challenges to which many large and small companies face each day. Aware of the importance of having a good alarm system that deter potential intruders, it is time to think about taking a step further and strengthen that installation, implementing video analysis and complementary control systems based in smart video cameras that analyze recorded video images and produce BI – Business Intelligence reports.