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Every year many people are killed or seriously injured by fires. 90% of fire-related deaths occur in buildings (Source: CTIF Center for Fire Statistics, 2006). About a third of fires originate inside buildings. In Europe, the average fire death rate was 1 per 100,000 inhabitants in 2003 and 2004, which is equivalent to 30,000 deaths per year. (Source: Europacable).

But the loss of human lives is not the only consequence of fires. Fires generate considerable economic losses for companies (material damage, loss of activity, insurance premiums, etc.). The economic consequences of the fires are serious as well.

According to UK data, 70 large industrial fires cost over £275 million in 2000. (Source: UK Government: 2000 BCS Home Fires). Property damage from fires in the US cost more than $10 billion in 2001. (Source: P. Battrick, FM Global insurers, 1988-1997).

A recent report by CTIF (International Association for Fire and Rescue Services) estimates that: “the total economic cost of fires amounts to around 1% of the gross domestic product in most advanced countries.”


Security is more than a service, it is a right and a necessity. We provide an added value that is knowledge and common sense when selecting methods and systems.

We have an engineering department dedicated to the calculation and design of the most appropriate systems for each area and situation, as well as long experience in fire maintenance.

Fireproofing and sectorisation of fires is applied to sectorise and isolate different rooms of the same building or facility with different fire risks, isolate buildings adjacent to the facilities in question in order to prevent the spread of fire.

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Manage security remotely, arm and disarm the system comfortably from anywhere inside or outside the property, from a mobile phone with an internet connection. You can download our application from the AppStore and Playstore.

* For users with video surveillance system.

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