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Integral home security solution
Triple technology security
Residential Video Surveillance

Protect what matters most

Security systems with the most innovative technology for your home. Tailor-made solutions for each client as each scenario to be protected is different and needs to be studied individually. Our IP video surveillance systems are scalable and compatible with most security systems on the market.

Intrusion Detection

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We protect your home, when you can not.

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    High security systems for homes

    Our video surveillance and wired alarm systems for homes are high security, we use the best technologies available in the market, offering our customers a wide range of security devices and equipment, constantly adapting to the needs of our customers.

    Our goal is to offer security services for all audiences, so we have designed the best price plan, no-initial investment for our most demanding clients. Request a free audit with a specialized security consultant.



    Monitoring and Remote Video Surveillance

    Covert Security’s remote monitoring tools will allow you to view your cameras from any mobile device with Internet connection anywhere, 24 hours a day.

    Our applications will also allow you to record in real time what you are viewing on your mobile and comfortably you can send voice message and forward it by email or other web applications.