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Perimeter security systems can be classified according to the geometry of their coverage (volumetric, surface, linear, etc.), according to the physical principle of operation (fiber optic cable, radiofrequency cable, pressure cable, microphone cable, electrified enclosure, etc. ) Or by the support system (self-supporting, supported, buried, visual detection, etc.).


Security systems and video surveillance

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    They are also classified depending on the detection medium:

    The star solution of Covert Security is the protection of perimeters through the intelligent treatment of the image captured by the video surveillance cameras. This system is able to reduce up to 50% the costs of surveillance against the need for physical surveillance. The principle of detection of this system is based on the parameterization of the human figure in motion (walking, running or crawling) and allows the system to interpret the filming. This way, the system protects the selected perimeter being able to even detect moving vehicles.

    Open Perimeter Security Systems:  Those that rely on environmental conditions to detect. As an example, video surveillance, infrared barriers and microwave barriers. This feature causes false alarms or lack of sensitivity in adverse environmental conditions.
    Closed Perimeter Security Systems: Those that do not depend on the environment and control only the control parameter. As an example, the old microphone cables, the optical fiber and the piezo-sensors. This type of sensors are usually of a higher cost.

    Critical facilities We protect large areas

    Covert Security gives you the ability to protect large areas and critical installations in an efficient and flexible way.

    Photovoltaic Security

    Covert Security gives you the possibility to protect your Photovoltaic Park in an efficient and flexible way. This is possible thanks to its intelligent video analysis system with thermal or conventional image. Once the project is defined, COVERT engineering department will select the most appropriate technology depending on the characteristics of the installation to be protected.

    Solar Park Security


    We know from our extensive experience in the field of security that in the case of photovoltaic installations, the most appropriate choice consists of protection with thermal or analogue cameras or a combination of both.

    Our team of professionals is highly qualified in high technology security equipments for detection and perimeter control and are at your disposal to advise you in finding the most appropriate solutions to your perimeter security needs.

    In the perimeter security projects that Covert Security performs for its operators and OPM companies in the photovoltaic sector, the perimeter security that it offers corresponds to the integration of elements and systems, both electronic and mechanical, for the protection of physical perimeters, detection of attempts of Intrusion and / or deterrence of intruders in particularly in sensitive facilities.


    Among these systems, video analysis systems can also be projected and installed according to the parameters required by customers, whether tactical radios, video sensors, sensor fences, sensor cables, microwave and infrared barriers, concertinas, etc.