Join the new technological era, make your company a better place, a safer place with our video surveillance cameras.


Our analytical algorithms help boost business intelligence by improving the management, security and quality of services


Protecting your business is a fundamental area to provide security for your assets and your employees. At Covert Security we highlight our best video surveillance and security solutions, we have the most innovative systems in video surveillance cameras, to protect what is most important to you and to give you absolute peace of mind.

An advantage that you will have with us is that we offer business security solutions, you will be able to access the cameras from any remote point of your PC or Smartphone, you will be able to see what is happening in your facilities without the need to be present.

Our goal as a video security company is to offer the highest image transmission quality, recommending IP video surveillance, so that each user and client obtain impeccable video quality and resolution.

Covert Security offers the best IP recorders so that in case of suspicions or irregularities, you can search the file library and view what the cameras saw for you.


We work with the main brands in the industry, brands that alone are a guarantee of quality. Even so, we offer maintenance so that your system remains in perfect condition as the first day it was installed.

These are some of the features that can be part of your business protection:

24/7 surveillance. Our fixed minidome cameras operate around the clock and are ideal for commercial and office spaces. Some of the brands we work with are Axis, HIKVISION and HoneyWell, all leaders in the sector.

Outdoor video surveillance. With our bullet cameras you will have the outdoor spaces protected. They are strong to resist vandalism, have infrared LEDs for better vision despite the environment, a housing and a sunshade so that the lighting does not damage your image quality.

No blind spots. Are you tired of static cameras? With our “dome” video surveillance camera you can control where to look. With its 360 ° and zoom functionality no detail will escape.

Access to your cameras* from your mobile 24 hours a day

Manage security remotely, arm and disarm the system comfortably from anywhere inside or outside the property, from a mobile phone with an internet connection. You can download our application from the AppStore and Playstore.

* For users with video surveillance system.

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